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Dr. Mike Stevens has been an Ordained Baptist Preacher since 1972. He is, I believe, one of the bright stars in God’s galaxy of preachers. His hallmark is his passion in the pulpit. He preaches with great power and conviction. Mike is a gifted musician and Christian businessman. His talents include singing, playing guitar and piano, and much more. Dr. Stevens has recorded five projects in Nashville, TN, including producing the #1 song “I Wonder if He Ever Cries” written and sung by his sister, Bonita.

Mike is an effective writer, speaker and former D. J. He is author of the best selling book “How to Survive the Storms of Life”. Along with his many other accomplishments Mike has been voted one of the top ten DJ’s in America 4 times in medium markets. Putting on his business hat, Mike has served as Vice President of Bobby Stevens Hauling Contractors, the family business, for over 40 years.

Dr. Mike served for many years as a successful pastor in Columbus, Georgia, and now is making himself available to all the churches through his preaching, evangelistic meetings, in Bible Conferences, his music and as a banquet speaker. This man has a dynamic testimony, a wonderful style of delivery and a pure heart sold out for God. Dr. Mike Stevens has a Bible message to share and he will be a blessing to your church.

Mike is married to the lovely Marianne Hinton from Reynolds, Georgia. They have two children Bobby John, 34 and Shawn (now in Heaven). This couple, this family, lived a beautiful life with many advantages and rarely a dark cloud in their sky. When Mike wrote his best selling book, “How to Survive the Storms of Life,” he and Marianne had been through two of the most life-changing, heart rending storms in their young lives. First cancer attacked their 15-month old grandaughter and for months their precious little one clung to life on not much more than a bed of prayer, tender-loving care and a devoted team of medical professionals. Then comes the emotional explosion that shocked and shattered this family to the core–the death of their son, Shawn. Dr. Stevens, with his wife by his side, penned these two events and wove them into a hard-hitting narative that grips the reader by the heart and never lets go until the story is shared. Mike’s bone-crushing honesty and devoted love for his family and God reveal, I am certain, why the Lord uses this man in so many ways for His glory. Mike will often sign his letters and emails with these words, “In His Grip.” I truly believe this man is, indeed, in God’s grip. By all means, get this book!

Years ago this editor was the pastor of the congregation where Mike and his family served. They were widely known as the Singing Stevens’ Family. When they were in town, the family was in our church. Perhaps I was the first to sense that God had a call on Mike for ministry. Unknown to me, Mike was uneasy with my presumption that the Lord would most likely call him to preach if only he would listen for that call. But God has a way of getting one’s attention and Mike did hear Him.

I invited Mike to preach his first sermon in our Grace Baptist Church, Lumpkin, Georgia, on Sunday morning, January 16, 1972. Thirty-eight years later, Mike is still preaching. He can say, as the Apostle Paul did, “…I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth…” (Romans 1:16)



Dr. Mike Stevens has served daily and very effectively for over 10 years on my church staff at Cascade Hills Church in Columbus, GA. Before joining our staff he was a senior pastor for over 20 years. He is a proven leader. He is anointed and will be a blessing to you. I highly recommend and endorse him. He currently serves as our staff evangelist and preaches for me several times a year.”


Dr. Bill Purvis
Senior Pastor



“Dr. Mike Stevens has served as my personal pastor for many years. I talk to him every Monday morning. He gives me words of motivation and inspiration. He also shares many leadership principals that he has learned through the years. He is truly a friend of any pastor. He is also the staff evangelist at Community Chapel Church in Pine Mountain Valley, Georgia where I have been senior pastor for over 20 years. I use him several times each year for special events. I also use him when I am out of town. He is a man that you can trust.”


Pastor Rick Lipp
Senior Pastor



“I have known Dr. Mike Stevens for over 30 years. I treasure his friendship. He has not changed over the years. He is one of the most dynamic and energetic speakers that I have ever known. The multiplicity of his talents on the platform from singing, speaking and instrumentation gives him a presence few ministries have to offer.”



Dr. Jerry Goff PHD
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